Introducing our amazing teachers....


carlie McKenzie

Principal & Teacher

Carlie is a fully qualified CSTD Theatrical Dance Teacher with 12 years of teaching expertise covering Classical ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap.

She has taught all ages of students over the years, from age 2 to adult, and teaches a wide range of classes including ballet, jazz, tap, performance troupe and a strength & flexibility class.


Carlie is also a qualified musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor and has extensive knowledge and practical experience in dance strengthening, conditioning and injury prevention.


Having been involved with dancing her whole life, as a performer, as a physiotherapist managing dance injuries, and as an educator of dance her experience is wide ranging.

She is a dedicated, creative and motivated person, and this is evident in her approach to her teaching. She looks forward to imparting her passion and love of dance onto the young dancers of the Sunshine Coast!

“I love watching young ones fall in love with dance the way I did when I was a young dancer. And I just love the creative outlet that choreographing provides me. Nothing better than seeing you students dance their hearts out to your creation.”




Jocelyn lysaght

Principal & Teacher

Jocelyn is a qualified and registered Early Childhood teacher who is passionate about sharing her love of dance with the youngest of ballerinas.


Having danced herself for over 10 years from a young age, Jocelyn’s passion for dance continued to burn as she obtained her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood from QUT.


While living in New Zealand for 8 years, Jocelyn took the opportunity to incorporate her Dance teaching skills into the classrooms of Kindergartens and Childcare Centres of South NZ. Relocating back to Australia with her husband and three children, Jocelyn returned to the dance studio!


Since then, she has been dedicated to bringing her knowledge and love of dance to the littlest dancers of the Sunshine Coast.

“I love seeing that spark ignite. That discovery that dance can bring them so much joy. Whether it’s a little poppet or even a grandmother putting on tap shoes for the first time - I love being there as they take those first steps in their dance journey”. 




chloe paix

Teacher & Marketing Manager

Chloe has been dancing since the age of two and continues to bring her love of dance to her students.

Completing her recreational training at Sunshine Coast Conservatory of Dance she then went on to complete her full time training at the prestigious Conroy Performing Arts College in Brisbane where she gained her Comdance teaching accreditations in Jazz and Tap.

Joining the Studio 2 Team in 2019 Chloe has also completed her Module 1 & Module 2 qualifications in the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

“I love teaching because I get to pass my passion and love for dance onto others. I love seeing their faces when they achieve something or the joy they get from performing on stage. But more so, I love providing them a safe space to express themselves, let out their frustration for the day, leave at the door and allow them to just be who they are”.


tahlia mcswan


While Tahlia started dancing at the age of 2, it didn’t take long for her to realise that dance was no longer a hobby but a way of life. 


After a small break during her final years of high school, Tahlia soon returned to what she loves and completed her Cert IV in Dance Teaching and Management while continuing to perform and teach. 


Stepping in to teach for the studio at the end of 2021, Tahlia permanently joined the team in 2022 teaching and sharing her passion for dance to students and furthering her teaching journey. 


“I love dance not only because of the way it makes me feel, but the way it touches other people too. I believe dance allows you to express feelings and emotions in a way words just sometimes can’t. My love for dancing has now grown into a love of teaching. I love seeing the joy in students’ faces when they achieve something they are so passionate about. Those moments are inspirational and the reason I continue to do what I do everyday” 


kaitlin ardrey


A long time student of Studio 2 Dance, Kaitlin started her dance journey right here in the studio at the age of 4. Starting with ballet, jazz and tap it wasn’t long before dance became an integral part of life. 


Already having completed her Acrobatic Arts module 1 qualification as well as her Cert 2 in Dance, Kaitlin is excited to further her knowledge of teaching while completing her high school education as well as her own dance education sitting her final ballet, jazz and tap exams. 


“I love teaching and watching the students grow in their own skills each day, knowing that alongside the other teachers, I played a small role in them achieving their dance goals.”


jasmine ballantyne



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kate klein


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