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About Us

Our dream

At Studio 2 Dance it is our dream, mission and commitment to provide quality dance instruction while promoting an atmosphere of excitement and fun. 


We aim to instill and nurture self-confidence, self-discipline and creativity. Studio 2 Dance is a caring, family orientated studio that many of our students consider to be their second home. 


We pride ourselves on the fairness, understanding, and generosity we have between management, teachers, students, and their families.


We regularly provide performance opportunities so that students may participate in the world of dance through community projects, competitions, and annual concerts to showcase their talents. We also take great pride in being a Comdance registered school that offers our students the opportunity to sit annual examinations, with an extremely high success rate. 

At Studio 2 Dance, we respect and care for our students, and it is truly a privilege to share our passion for dance with them. 


Our Story

Studio 2 Dance has been an established studio in Nambour for over 40 years. 

Mrs Lea-Anne Grevett founded the school all those years ago with a vision to provide quality dance education in a caring, friendly environment, with her  primary focus being “that every little girl, or boy deserves to wear something amazing and stand on stage in the spotlight”. 


In 1998, our current studio premise was built, and our dance family moved into its new home! 


Sisters Jocelyn and Carlie were part of this family and danced with Lea-Anne for many years.

After leaving the coast for university studies and then families, they both returned and found their way back to the studio this time as teachers. 


After Lea-Anne’s retirement in 2018 Jocelyn and Carlie bought the studio,

allowing it to stay within the ‘dance family’ that she created.

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