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Fly High Fitness


Yoga Class
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Feeling the need to decompress? Give yourself 45mins to release tension, lengthen muscles and discover the feeling of body balance. 

Do you sit a lot? Have tight hips or shoulders? Neck or back pain?? 


This class will discover tension points you never knew you had, but push past this and you will feel the benefits in every aspect of your body! 


With a focus on myofascial (muscle) release and spinal decompression mixed with mediation and mindfulness, this class will definitely set good intention for your mind and body. 

Come and “hang” out with us today and let your body say thank you!

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Reconnect to your mind, body and soul with this restorative class designed to leave you calm and energised!


This gentle flowing class, emphasises slow and graceful movements with proper alignment, deep stretches and balancing postures.  


Take time for yourself to slow down, breathe and feel the restorative & holistic effects this class will have on your whole body. 

Suitable for ages 16+ and all abilities.

Aerial Yoga Team
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Get ready for the fun of swinging, spinning and hanging upside down! Facilitated by fully qualified acrobatic and aerial arts certified instructors, this fun and energetic class is the gravity-defying relative of acrobatics. 


Designed as a circuit style class, rotations will target students' cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility and of course, aerial acrobatic skills in Lyra (hoop).


Not only improve your child's muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination, but give them the chance to build the new level of confidence that comes from accomplishing new skills!

*Kids Classes run school term only

$200 per term ( 1 Class per week)

Discounts available for S2D Students

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